Helen Hambly

Research Psychologist

I have a background in health psychology and an interest in methods for listening to children’s perspectives; qualitative research methods; communication in health care and education settings; and assessment of psychosocial wellbeing. I am also involved in a range of research activities at the unit, including systematic reviews and survey design and analysis. I have recently completed a PhD exploring children’s, family, professional and peer perspectives on psychosocial goals of intervention for children aged 8-10 years with language impairment.
Some projects I have worked on since I joined the unit in 2009 include:
-  The preferred outcomes of children and young people with speech, language and communication needs as part of the Better Communication Research Programme
-   Investigating preschoolers’ perspectives of speech and language therapy as part of the Child Talk research programme 
-   Investigating factors that therapists use to prioritise pre-school children for speech and language therapy
-   Reviewing the impact of multi-lingualism on the acquisition of English speech sounds
My interest in communication in health care has also led to collaborative work with Southmead maternity unit investigating team communication during obstetric emergencies.