About Us

The Speech and Language Therapy Research Unit is at a significant point in its history. The Unit was founded in 1987 by Professor Pam Enderby with the support of a grant from the Underwood Trust. Now, twenty-five years later, with an illustrious history behind us, we are on the verge of a new era.


Members of the Unit have led a national team with a successful proposal for a National Institute of Health Research Programme Grant. This 3 year grant focuses on the development of evidence-based speech and language therapy with pre-school children.

In 2011 there has been a National Year of Speech and Language Communication to promote the needs of children with communication difficulties. Members of the research team were instrumental in the development of the local campaign which won a national award for its landmark activity, playing our part in raising awareness, increasing understanding and improving services.

These events, combined with the unique skills, expertise and proven research record of the Unit will ensure that we stay at the centre of research for speech, language and communication in the UK.